[foreigner only] [Seoul] Mimm Beauty hair salon Hair Styling Experience

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[foreigner only] [Seoul] Mimm Beauty hair salon Hair Styling Experience

K-beauty Styling Person

100 minutes

Styling/ Dry / Shampoo + Make up

[Not Included]
Everything except included

250,000 KRW

Hair & Makeup & Wedding Beauty Shop, which provides a more relaxed beauty life with the brand philosophy of 'Memorie In My Mind', the center of Korean beauty, Mimm.

"Mimm" is a popular Korean beauty shop that is responsible for the hairstyles and makeup of top rated celebrities such as advertisements, dramas, and entertainment, and is located in Sinsa-dong, Gangnam, and provides perfect styling for customers through sensuous and trendy designers who have built up their skills for a long time.


Provide the best directing to customers who visit K-beauty to experience K-beauty, and try to give happy and pleasant memories to visitors with not only excellent skills but also a luxurious atmosphere and kind service.


From the hair and makeup styling of K-stars that you want to try at least once, to a professional spa that takes care of hair and scalp that requires relaxing due to various stresses. With great designers from mimm, you can do both k-beauty and relaxation. If you want to enjoy a special trip in Korea, do not hesitate to book it now!






[1. K-beauty styling] 

Get preferred hairstyles and make them all at once! 

Mimm's K-beauty styling is a hair styling and makeup package that offers excellent service at a high-quality reasonable price. Get your makeup with various kinds of cosmetics brands and products.


[2. Spa Cut Styling]

K-styling and spa all at once!

It can relax your hair exposed to various stresses as well as the cut styling you want!
You can recover damaged scalp and hair and experience fresh haircut styling!
You can get a variety of Korean hairstyles from tassel cut to hush cut.
If you want to try a new and trendy style, try it at Mimm!



[3. Personal Tone-up Color]

You can get a scalp care and colorinh your hair at once!
mimm's 'Personal Tone-Up Color' allows you to check the personal color and proceed with customized styling!
If you want to try a new and trendy coloring style that suits you, try it on mim!


[4. Eyebrow Tattoo]

mimm's Eyebrow Tattoo provides you with the mimm's excellent skills and services at a reasonable price.
With mimm's specialized skills, you can organize natural and beautiful eyebrows and get eyebrow tattoos.Subtle differences make a big difference. If you want to try new image styling, try it at mimm! 
We give you the best customized eyebrow styling to suit you.


[5. mimm's Korea Lifting Perm]

'mimm's Korea Lifting Perm' provides the best styling through customized services by designers who are confident in the perm.
mimm's designers try to make the best perm style that you want to do!
If you want to try a new and trendy style, try it at mimm! 
If you want to experience various kinds of perm, from cute to elegant, choose this option!



Operating Days

Tuesday ~ Sunday



Available reservation time

10:00~15:00 (30 minutes interval)



Available reservation pax at the same timeslot

2 people



Duration and program

1. K-beauty Styling

100 minutes,  Hair - Styling / Dry / Shampoo+Make up

2Spa Cut Styling

90 minutes,  Hair Cut / Scalp Care / Styling / Dry / Shampoo /Scalp Massage / Scalp Scaling / Deep Cleansing

3. Personal Tone-up Color

180 mintues,  Hair Care / Scalp Care / Styling / Personal Color Dyeing

4. Eyebrow Tattoo

60 mintues,  Eyebrow Tattoo

5. mimm's Korea Lifting Perm

240 minutes, Hair Cut / Styling / Dry / Shampoo / Volume Perm

Refund Policy

• Cancellation before 24 hours :100% Refund

• Cancellation after : No Refund

• Change to Reservation date: 2 days in advance