[Daegu] Making Miniature Daegu using 3D Printed Terrarium experience

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[Daegu] Making Miniature Daegu using 3D Printed Terrarium experience

Terrarium(Small) KIT Delivery (Free Delivery) Person

Ingredients and tools(Clay sand, Miniature forest, Soil, 2 Pebbles, Moss, 2 Rocks, colored sand)
Randomly delivered 1 figure
Delivery fee

[Not Included]
3D printed equipment and guidance

30,000 KRW
Terrarium(Small) 1 Day Class (Included Beverage) Person

Lesson Fee
Ingredients Fee(Terrarium: Moss, Soil, Pebble)
3D printed figure (Select 1 among the Gyesan Catholic church/Cheongna Hill/Gyeongsang Gamnyeong Park/Suseongmot/Dalseong Toseong village)
Packaging fee(Fully packed and shopping bag )
1 Beverage (Choose the preferred beverage that selling at the RI:UM)

[Not Included]
3D printed equipment and guidance
Making figure experience

35,000 KRW

Stunning 3D experience in alleyway Bukseong-ro where Daegu's best tourist attraction! 

Have you ever made the moss miniature terrarium using 3D printed? You can only experience this fancy activity in RI:UM! Do not worry about it even you are a beginner to handle digital equipment! ed printed expert and gardner& designer will let you know how to use and handle it smoothly. 

Make your very own terrarium using moss and miniature figures and also can be appreciating the 3D printed equipment! Do not ever miss out on this exciting experience!


• Visit the 'RI:UM' where are various types of equipment already prepared such as 3D printer, 3D scanner, 3D pen!


• Experience will start as you selecting the preferred theme while listening to the guidance of the terrarium. Digital terrarium can be available to print your very own 3d miniature figures that suit you well.  ※ Please note that if you would like to make the preferred miniature figure, see the given information on the notice section no. 3


• You can complete your very own terrarium as you put the alive moss, pebble, and preferred miniature figure. 


• You can make your very own fancy souvenir! 


• Provide 1 free drink once you participate in the workshop experience! 



KIT Delivery 

​• Purchase the [Miniature Terrarium KIT Delivery] option if you would like to make the work at a cozy home! 



5 Theme(Choose 1)



Operation Days 

• Tuesday ~ Friday : 10:30 ~ 17:30 (Last Time) 

• Saturday: 10:30 ~ 15:30 (Last Time)



Minimum / Maximum Reservation

2 person / 22 people




Approx 1 hour and 30 minutes



Experience Process

Orientation → Choose the preferred theme → Making Terrarium → wrap up 

How to go

• Get off the Daegu Subway line no.1 [Jungangno Station] exit no. 4 → Walk straight about 500m toward 'Gyeongsanggamyeong-gil' (Approx 8 minutes)→ Enter the 'Maker House' on your left side.


• Gyeongsanggamyeong park public parking lot and Mangyeonggwan public parking lot are available for a charge. 


1. This experience is available for all ages to participate, however, please note that under 13 yrs old must be accompanied by a guardian. 

2. If the reservation is unavailable due to the company's situation or weather condition, you will be contacted by the CS Team via email or messenger. 

3. Basic miniature figures equipped in the venue are 5 and those who would like to private miniature figure then please contact the phone number which included in the voucher.  The custom-made duration will be a maximum of 10 days so you can make the terrarium after 10 days.  Please refer to this notice.   

[Notice for KIT Delivery Option]

1. The plant is not an industrial product, so please kindly understand that the image and shape are not as same as the photo image. 

2. In the case of a glass vase, there may be a bubble and any other minor crack will be occurred due to its process. 

3. Before the delivery, the operator is trying to select the perfect one and deliver the product safely, however, in this case, refund and exchange are unavailable.

4. The figure will be randomly delivered. Please contact the phone number included in the voucher after purchasing if you preferred the figure among the basic figure.

Refund Policy

• Cancellation 1 day before booking date (5 PM KST): 100% Refund

• Cancellation after: No Refund

• To change the reservation please make sure to inquire at least 2 days beforehand (4 PM KST) 

※ 100% Cancellation and a full refund are available as you cancel your booking until Saturday at 5 PM if your reservation is the day of Tuesday. Please note that after can be no refund.