[Gyeongju] Making mobile sculpture experience in Gyeongju

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[Gyeongju] Making mobile sculpture experience in Gyeongju

Making Mobile Sculpture Person

4 Gyeongju cultural assets shaped acrylics
Fishing Line
Mother-of-pearl Gemstone
Tree Lease

35,000 KRW

Make your own special mobile sculpture using acrylic and mother-of-pearls created in the shape of Gyeongju cultural assets! The twinkling mother-of-pearl and delightful acrylic plates will present you with definite happiness as the wind blows.


• Hang the adorable acrylics in the shape of Gyeongju's cultural assets on the mobile sculpture and make your own incredibly unique Gyeongju souvenir!


• Make sure to decorate your mobile sculpture using any color of mother-of-pearl you want!


• Use the mobile sculpture you have made to finalize the fancy and stylish interior.


• With the help of the Macrame expert, anyone of all genders can easily and joyfully make their own stunning mobile sculpture.



Operation Days

Weekdays 11:00~16:00

Weekends 14:00~18:00



Minimum / Maximum Reservation

1 person / 5 people



Experience Process

Duration: 60 ~ 90 minutes

• Choosing the desired Acrylic Shape of Gyeongju Cultural Assets (10 minutes) → Making the mobile sculpture using acrylic and mother-of-pearls (60 minutes) → attach to a tree to complete (20 minutes)