[Incheon] Hanji Hand mirror + wallet making experience

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[Incheon] Hanji Hand mirror + wallet making experience

Hanji Magic Wallet Making Experience ea

Hanji Magic Wallet making materials

16,000 KRW
Hanji Hand Mirror Making Experience ea

Hanji Hand mirror making materials

13,000 KRW

How about a unique Hanji handicraft experience near Incheon Sinpo Market?

The Traditional Korean Paper Hanji is firm but at the same time soft. Hanji, an oriental traditional paper is becoming more and more popular as people are learning the charm of Hanji. Why don't you try making simple Korean handicrafts at the Hanji Craft Cafe located near Incheon Sinpo Market? You can make hand mirrors decorated with Korean paper and famous paintings from the Joseon Dynasty, and magic wallets that are popular as gifts.


• Enjoy the exotic cafe atmosphere that you can only be seen in Korea!


• Admire the beautiful Hanji handicrafts that fascinate all foreign tourists!


• Make your own practical and unique Korean Hanji hand mirror!


• You can decorate your hand mirror using paintings drawn by famous painters from the Joseon Dynasty.


• Why don't you make a magic wallet that holds your money magically by placing down a bill and simply close and re-opening it? You can beautifully decorate your wallet cover by using any color of Hanji.


• Hand mirrors and magic wallets, which are popular as gifts, can be purchased separately!



Operation Days

Tuesday ~ Sunday




Appox 15 mins ~ 1 hour

How to go

• Sinpo Station Exit 4 → Walk straight until you reach 4-intersection road → Cross the left crosswalk and walk left into the first alley →  If you pass the alley and walk left, on your right-hand side you will find 'Lee Dak' Cafe


1. The instructor can only speak simple English, however, many foreigners regardless of nationality have already enjoyed the experience without difficulty.

2. Duration time can vary depending on the participant. However, please note that the experience can be longer than 1 hour when a large group of participants.

3. All ages can participate in this experience.

Refund Policy

• Cancellation 1 day before 5PM(KST) : 100% Refund