[foreigner only] [Seoul Gangnam] Vaunce Gangnam Trampoline Samseong Center Discount Ticket

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[foreigner only] [Seoul Gangnam] Vaunce Gangnam Trampoline Samseong Center Discount Ticket

2 Hours Pass+Socks SET Person

Vaunce Trampoline Park 2 Hours Pass (For customers over 100cm)
Official Vaunce Socks (1 Pair)
Locker Room

[Not Included]
Kids Zone (For infants over 12 months and under 100cm)
Kids Zone Guardian Pass

25,650 KRW


Korea's first and largest trampoline park! Trampoline, designated as a sports event for the 2000 Olympic Games, is a sport and sports tool that can be enjoyed by anyone regardless of age.
Vaunce is the largest trampoline park located in Seoul, Yongin, Daegu, and Busan, where children and adults can enjoy together. Don't think it's just a place to jump and end! In addition to the basic trampoline, Vaunce Samsung Center consists of a variety of sports contents, including Dodgeball games played on the trampoline, Dunk Zone, Wall Zone, and Challenge courses and exciting Zip Line enjoyed. Anyone over 100cm can enjoy all facilities except for the Sky Challenge. If you are over 120cm from child to adult, everyone will be able to experience the activities prepared. 


• Trampoline to enjoy with everyone!


• A unique jump where you jump on the trampoline and play basketball!


• Experience the game-playing trampoline content 'Vaunce Runner' through motion recognition!


• Sky Challenge, which passes through several obstacles on the second floor, is the most popular experience at Vaunce trampoline Park.


• Take a break at Foam Fit Zone when you want to rest a little!


• It's not just a jumping space, it's a place where you can enjoy many activities at once.


• There's a famous bakery which is made from the chef from Michelin restaurant where you can enjoy your meal right after the activity.

How to go

Subway Line Number 2, Samseong Station Exit 3 → Walk about 600m straight (approx. 10 minutes) → Go into the S-Tower Building on your right and head to B3


1. Please follow the instructions from the staff for your safety. Any problems caused due to not following the instructions will be your responsibility.

2. Customers with High Blood Pressure, Heart-related problems, asthma, and pregnant women may not able to participate for safety reasons. 

3. If you lose your bracelet and cabinet key, please inform the front desk. In this case, you will incur a lost charge of entry bracelet 3,000won/ cabinet key 8,000 won. 

4. You will be charged 2,000won per 10mins when time exceeded. The amount charged must be paid on site. 

5. Food or Pets will be restricted to brought in.

6. When using the Trampoline, you must wear the official Grip Socks of Vaunce.

7. If the number of maximum people exceeded, it may cause to restrictions or waiting. Refund for this will not be given.

8. The 'Sky Challenge' course will be only available every hour 00 minutes ~ 15 minutes and also, children under the height 120cm will not be able to participate.

9. This ticket is for the general zone only, therefore must be over the height 100cm to participate. 

10. For those who wishes to only see the activity, please purchase the separate 'GUARDIAN TICKET' at the venue for 6,000won(KRW). You can exchange to a cup of coffee with the guardian ticket.

11.Re-enter without the bracelet will not be allowed. And will not be refunded. 

12. You may not be able to enter on the desired date due a large group customers. 

13. During the weekends, there may be restrictions on the use of the lockers as there may be a lot of customers.

Refund Policy

100% Refund for Unused Tickets

• Unused tickets within the expiry date are 100% refundable.