[foreigner only] [Seoul Seongbuk] Learn a Taekwondo from a Kukkiwon Instructor

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[foreigner only] [Seoul Seongbuk] Learn a Taekwondo from a Kukkiwon Instructor

One day Taekwondo Class Person

Taekwondo clothes rental
Taekwondo class

40,000 KRW

Learn Taekwondo, which is the national sport of Korea, by joining one-day Taekwondo experience of One More Trip. Instructors who used to be a professional athlete can teach anyone, even those who have never known Taekwondo in their life, easily and interestingly. Please join the experience that can be learned with diverse people of all ages and even foreigners!



Taekwondo, the national sport of Korea, is a martial art that attacks or defenses an enemy using bare hands and bare feet. Since this is a Korean traditional martial art that uses no arms or weapons, people can train their bodies anytime and anywhere.


After simple stretching, you will learn basic moves of Taekwondo.


You will learn basic kicking skills (using Apchagi, naeryeojjikgi and dwijumeok) and basic step of Gyeorugi, after you can attack a target using Apchagi, Naeryeochagi and Dwijumeok.


Operating Days 

Monday ~ Friday 13:00, 14:00

Weekends 10:00,11:00,12:00, 13:00,14:00



Min/Max number of Reservation

2 people/20 people




Total of 60 minutes

• Stretching → Learn basic moves, basic attack moves → Wood breaking experience → Cool down


10 mins:Stretching
30 mins:Warm-up, basic move, basic Chagi 
20 mins:Breaking and Cool-down

Total 60 mins 


Minimum/Maximum pax for reservation

2 / 20 pax

How to go

・Come out from Subway Line No.6 Korea Univ. Station Exit 2, and walk towards STARBUCKS for around 920m →  turn left at 'Eunhye Pharmacy' (은혜약국) → Go straight for 37m and you will see the 'CU' buidling on your left. Go to 3F!


1. If your reservation cannot be made at the desired date and time, our CS Team will contact you via email.

2.  If your reservation will be canceled due to an insufficient min number of pax to reserve, then our CS Team will contact you via email.

3. Only those aged above 7 are able to participate.

4. You can rent the uniform for free while you experience the activity. Those who want to desire to buy a uniform, then please inquire to during your make a reservation.   (Taekwondo Uniform+Taekwondo Belt: 30,000 won [KRW]).

5. A shower booth is not equipped at the venue. 
6. Give you a Key chain as you show the review (written) after the experience. 

Refund Policy

• Cancellation before 3 days (before KST 5PM) : 100% Refund

• Cancellation before 1-2 days (before KST 5PM): 70% Refund

• No refund after that

*Change of reservation: Up to 3 days before the reserved date (before KST 4PM)