[foreigner only] [Hongdae] BAKERY CAFÉ & GALLERY COCONUT BOX

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[foreigner only] [Hongdae] BAKERY CAFÉ & GALLERY COCONUT BOX

Bakery Cafe & Gallery Coconut Box for 2 people Combo Ticket

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Coconut box admission ticket (for 2 people)
2 Beverages (within 8,000KRW each)
Event postcard

16,000 KRW

Coconut box is a play lounge where you can enjoy exhibitions and performances in the concept of a vacation spot in the city. Travel to a small Southeast Asia 'coconut box' in Hongdae!


[Space Introduction (Large Ball Pit)]

A paradise of ultimate relaxation and fun on a scale never seen before

Coconut Box is a Bakery Cafe & Gallery measuring over 1800 sq meters. Teleport to a dream resort destination such as Bali, Indonesia, and Tulum, Mexico, in a blink of an eye.


Kick back and relax in our exotic bungalows as you enjoy our delicious pastries and beverages made fresh daily. Reset, Refresh, Recharge your mind by viewing beautiful artwork throughout Coconut Box.


Don’t forget to stop by our LARGE ball pit made for all ages!


[Bakery & Cafe Introduction (Special bakery package/Artist collaboration package]

What better way to start your day than to be at a resort next to home!


Start your day with the aroma of freshly baked bread and brewed coffee!

At Coconut Box Bakery Cafe & Gallery all your morning worries are over! Within walking distance from many popular hotel chains, this is the perfect place to enjoy breakfast and brunch.

Choose from a variety of delicious pastries and specialty beverages. Be sure to try our signature Salt Bread and Coco Basket! Stimulate all of your five senses!


[Gallery Introduction(Art Gallery/Media Gallery)]

Coconut Box Specialty Gallery. A new way to experience Fine art.

In collaboration with ‘Gallery St’ who specializes in curating art, Coconut Box takes pride in providing a gallery sharing today’s newest artworks and media art.


You may check out ‘Gallery St’ at their website


You are able to meet in the media, also we operating various themed events!


Visit the Coconut Box Bakery Cafe & Gallery with a lot of entertainment :)



2022.04 Airwaves: SBS Live Today
2022.08 Public broadcaster: MBC Family Mate (starring Lee Kyung-gyu and others)
2022.08 YouTube: KBS The Return of Superman iCloud (appearance of idol/group SF9, etc.)
2022.08 Media: Korea Tourism Organization ‘Every corner of Korea’
2022.12 YouTube: Quid on the Road (featuring foreign influencers)
2023.03 YouTube Jipyeonhan World (appearance of Ji Seok-jin, Kim Su-yong, etc.)
2023.08 YouTube: Seoul Tourism Foundation ‘VISIT SEOUL’
2023.09 YouTube: KBS The Return of Superman iCloud (appearance of Choi Min-hwan and others)


2022.08 WEB 3.0 PARTY TECHNOISE: NFT artist and Web3 music tech worker
2022.12 82TONIGHT: Party hosted by NFT industry representative community, attended by more than 300 people
2022.12 ENJOY WITH US! Pre-Christmas: Party hosted by NFT community
2022.12 Christmas NFT Art Fair Large-scale NFT art fair with more than 150 artists participating
2023.03 Meta Kings
2023.09-10 Group BTS ‘Jimin Photo Exhibition’

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