[E-land Cruise x Yeongdeungpo Cuisine]

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[E-land Cruise x Yeongdeungpo Cuisine]

Special Offer on Cruise Ticket & Yeongdeungpo Cuisine Voucher! [Precautions] - One-time use only per ID. Maximum benefit amount up to KRW10,000 in use of 30% discount coupon for this event. - This event may end early due to budget exhaustion. - This event may be altered or terminated without prior notice depending on the circumstances of the company or its affiliates.

Event Period: 2022-12-15 ~ 2023-01-31 Event target: All customers who purchase related products within the period Event restriction: Discount will be applied only 1 per ID

E-land Cruise

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[Weekday] ASHLEY QUEENS Lunch(11:00)+Hangang River Tour Cruise(14:00)




[Cancellation Policy]
- Purchased products can only be cancelled until January 31st 17:00. Cancellation/Refund is not available afterwards.(After January 31st, only the date of use can be changed within the available event period)
- The balance after use is non-refundable.
- Purchased products cannot be transferred to another person.
- Purchased product is only available until January 31st, 2023. Unused product within the period will automatically expire.(No extension or refund allowed)