Terms of Use

Article 1. (Purpose)

The purpose of these Terms of Use is to set forth the conditions and procedures of use, rights, responsibilities, other necessary matters between Red Table Co., Ltd. (the “Company”) and the User in connection with the Tour Product sales and provision of other tour-related service sold by the Company. These Terms of Use shall apply to electronic commerce transactions using online website, mobile website, mobile application, etc., unless found to be contrary in nature.

Article 2. (Definitions)

1. “Service” shall mean the service through which a Member may search for and browse the Tour Products on the Website, receive information on using the Store and purchase the Tour Products on a device (including various wired and wireless devices such as PC, smartphone, etc.), and various services in relation thereto.

2. “Website” shall mean the virtual place of business provided by the Company to the Member to use the Service through telecommunications equipment such as computer, portable device, etc., and shall mean

3. “Tour Product” shall mean the product provided by the Company, which is developed by classifying and combining various types of foods and beverages sold in restaurants in Korea based on appropriate theme, standard and type.

4. Store” shall mean restaurants which sell foods and beverages which are included in the Tour Products sold by the Company.

5. “User” shall mean the Member and Non-Member who use the Website.

6. “Member” shall mean a person who has entered into a contract for use of the Service in accordance with these Terms of Use and registered as a member on the Website, and shall mean a User who uses the Company’s Service.

7. “Non-Member” shall mean a User who uses the Website without registering as a Member.

8. “Posting” shall mean writings, photos, videos, various files and links in the form of numbers, characters and voice which is posted by the Member on the Website in the course of his/her use of the Service.

Article 3. (Posting and Amendment of Terms of Use)

1. The Company shall post of these Terms of Use, its business name, the name of its representative, the business place (including the address of the location where consumer complaints are accepted), telephone number, fax number, email address, business registration number, mail order business filing number, personal information management officer, etc., on the (front) initial screen of the Website for easy access by the User; provided that the details of these Terms of Use may be made available to the User through a link

2. The Company may amend these Terms of Use to the extent that such amendment does not violate relevant laws such as the Act on the Consumer Protection in the Electronic Commerce Transactions, Etc. (the “E-Commerce Act”), Regulation of Standardized Contracts Act (the “Contracts Act”), the Framework Act on Electronic Documents and Transaction (the “E-Document Act”), the Act on Promotion of Information and Communications Network Utilization and Information Protection, Etc. (the “Network Act”) and the Consumer Protection Act.

3. In the event that the Company amends these Terms of Use, it shall announce the effective date thereof and reasons for such amendment, along with the current version of these Terms of Use on the first page of the Website from seven (7) days through one (1) day prior to the effective date.; provided that if these Terms of Use are amended to the detriment of the User, the public notice shall be posted for at least thirty (30) days. In such case, the Company shall provide a clear comparison between the existing Terms of Use and the amended Terms of Use so as to help the User better understand the differences.

4. The User reserves the right to disagree to the amended Terms of Use, and may suspend his/her use of the Service in the event that he/she does not agree to the amended Terms of Use and request for withdrawal; provided that, in the event that the User has not expressed his/her clear intent to decline in a set period of time separately notified by the Company in its notice pursuant to the Section (3) above, etc., the User shall be deemed to have consented to the amended Terms of Use.

5. Any and all matters not set forth in these Terms of Use and construction of these Terms of Use shall be governed by general custom of the trade and relevant laws such as the E-Commerce Act, Contracts Act.

Article 4. (Provision of Service and Changes)

1. The Company shall provide the following Service:

1) Sale of Tour Products and execution of tour agreements
2) Provision of tour information, including recommendation of nearby restaurants
3) Foreign language translation of tour information
4) Provision of tour-related information as determined by the Company.
2. The Company may change or suspend all or part of the Service as required operationally or technologically in the event of change in the Company’s policy regarding the Service or other significant reasons.

3. In the event of any changes to the contents, usage method or usage time of the Service or suspension of the Service, the Company shall provide an advanced notice thereof, including the contents, cause and date of the Service to be changed or suspended, in such a way that the Member may sufficient acknowledge them prior to such change or suspension.

Article 5 (Period and Suspension of Service)

1. In principle, the Service shall be available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year unless it is interrupted by technical issues or other special matters of the Company; provided that, it shall exclude any times or days designated by the Company necessary for routine maintenance of the Service. The time for routine maintenance shall be as posted on the screen on which the Service is provided.

2. The Company may set a period of time required for smooth operation of the Service and suspend the Service with prior notice; provided that, in case where urgent measure is inevitably required to be taken, the notice may be made thereafter.

Article 6 (Execution of Agreement for Use)

1. The agreement for use shall be executed when a person who wishes to become a Member (the “Applicant”) accepts these Terms of Use, applies for member registration by stating Member information in accordance with the form provided by the Company on the Website, and by the Company accepting such application.

2. In respect of applications which fall under any of the following items, the Company may decline to accept applications or subsequently terminate the agreement for use.

1) Where the Applicant previously had his/her Member qualification revoked in accordance with these Terms of Use; except when a period of three (3) years has passed since such revocation and the Company accepted the re-admission of the Applicant.
2) Where the Applicant failed to use his/her real name or used another person’s identity
3) Where in the Company’s real-name verification process, it is found that there is variance between the name under which the Applicant applied and his/her real name.
4) Where the Applicant provided false information, intentionally or unknowingly, or failed to provide required information.
5) Where the Applicant does not consent to the procedure for verification of real name.
6) Where the name, resident registration number, phone number or e-mail address in the application is the same as those of an existing Member;
7) Where the application is made by a minor less than 14 years old without his/her legal representative’s consent.
8) Where it has been confirmed that the application has been filed in breach of these Terms of Use or that such application is unlawful or otherwise wrongful, or where the Company reasonably determines it to be necessary.

3. With respect to application for Member registration under Section 1 above, the Company may request the Applicant for real-name verification and self-authentication through a professional institution.

4. The Company may reserve the approval if there are technical or business problems or if there are no spare facilities relating to the Service.

5. In the event that the Company does not provide approval or reserves the approval pursuant to Section 2 or Section 4 above, the Company shall immediately provide notice thereof to the Applicant.

6. In the event of any changes to the information registered at the time of membership application, the Member shall provide notice thereof to the Company within a reasonable period of time by modifying his/her membership information, etc., and the Member shall be held liable for any delays in providing notice to the Company.

Article 7 (Usage Restriction)

1. Upon the occurrence of any of the following events, the Company may suspend the relevant Member’s use of the Service or progressively restrict the relevant Member’s use of the Service through warning, suspension, permanent suspension, and such.

1) Where the Member intentionally or negligently interferes with the Company’s operation of the Service.
2) Where the Member has failed to pay, when due, the payment for the Service or other obligations assumed by it in connection with the use of the Service;
3) Where usage restriction is required for personal information protection and operating efficiency due to the Member’s failure to log-in continuously for 1 year or more.
4) Where there is other reasonable cause for the Company to proceed with suspension of the Member’s use.

2. The Company may order immediate permanent suspension of a Member in case a Member engages in identity and payment theft in violation of the Resident Registration Act, Personal Information Protection Act, etc., phone number theft, illegal provision of programs and operating interference, illegal communication and hacking in violation of the Network Act, distribution of malicious programs, and trespassing of access authorization. The Company may claim for compensation of damages arising from the foregoing.

3. In the event of restriction on use of the Service or termination of the agreement pursuant to this Article, the Company shall provide notice thereof in accordance with Article 14.

4. A Member may file an objection to a usage restriction under this Article in accordance with the procedure prescribed by the Company. The Company shall decide on the validity of the objection within 1 month of the date of the objection. The Company shall immediately reinstate the Service if the Company determines the Member’s objection is justifiable. If deemed to necessary by the Company, the period for deciding on objection may be extended for a reasonable period of time.

5. In the event that a Member becomes subject to restriction on use of the Service in accordance with this Article 7, all benefits which had been acquired through use of the Service shall also be suspended or cancelled, and the Company shall not be required to separately compensate therefor.

Article 8 (Termination of Agreement for Use)

1. The Member may terminate the agreement for use at any time with notice to the Company. Absent special causes, the Company shall process the Member’s request for termination immediately; provided that, in the event that a Member terminates the agreement for use, the Company shall not bear the obligation to delete the Postings created by the Member.

2. Upon the occurrence of any of the following, the Company may terminate the agreement for use. In such case, the agreement shall be terminated by the Company’s notice of its intention to terminate by e-mail, phone, fax or other means. However, the Company may grant an opportunity for the relevant Member to state his/her defense.

1) Where any of the grounds for refusal of approval set forth under Article 6(2) is found.
2) Where a Member has engaged in acts which infringes upon the right, reputation, honor, credit or other legitimate rights or interest of the Company, another Member, or any other persons.
3) Where a Member has otherwise carried out acts which is in breach of these Terms of Use and the Company’s posted policy, or where a ground for termination set forth herein has occurred.

Article 9 (Order for Purchase of Tour Product)

1. The Member shall place an order for the Tour Product in accordance with the following procedures prescribed by the Company.

1) Search and select the Tour Product
2) Provision of terms and condition of the Tour Product, tour guideline, etc.
3) Enter personal information such as name, address, phone number, e-mail address, etc.
4) Consent to these Term of Use and individual terms and conditions of the Tour Product and express confirmation/rejection of the matters set forth under Item (3) above (e.g., mouse click).
5) Place the order for purchase of the Tour Product and either confirmation of the foregoing or consent to confirmation by the Company.
6) Select payment method
7) Confirmation of purchase of the Tour Product.

2. Once the placement of order for the Tour Product is completed, the Company sends the details of the Tour Product ordered by the Member through e-mail to the Member or in a manner where it can be reviewed on the Member’s account on the Website.

3. The Member shall enter into a separate tour agreement with the Company when placing an order for the Product.

4. Transmission of details of the ordered Tour Product may be changed depending on the Company’s off-days and status of processing, and in such case, it shall be in accordance with the terms which have been announced in advance.

5. The Member shall be solely responsible for the information entered by the Member regarding payment and all liabilities and penalties incurred in relation to such information.

Article 10 (Payment Method)

1. The Member may make the payment of the Product ordered with the Company in any of the following methods.

1) Credit card payment
2) Foreign currency remittance (e.g., Paypal/Alipay)
3) Other payment methods accepted by the Company which are applied on the Website

6. The Member shall be solely responsible for the information entered by the Member regarding payment for the price of the Product and all liabilities and penalties incurred in relation to such information.

Article 11 (Copyright of Posting and Permission for Exclusive Use)

1. Copyright to various Postings (including score, review, comment, picture, etc.) directly prepared and posted by a Member shall vest in the Member who prepared such Postings, and if any Posting infringes upon copyright of any other person, the Member shall be liable therefor.

2. In the event that the Company determines the contents of a Posting displayed or registered by a Member falls under any of the following items, the Company may remove or take temporary measures (such as hiding) without prior notice.

1) In case where the contents are defamatory to other Member or third party, or damaging to their honor.
2) In case where the contents are in violation of public order and standard norms of society.
3) In case where it is acknowledged that it relates criminal acts.
4) In case where it infringes upon the copyright and other rights of the Company or a third party.
5) In case a Member posts pornographic content or pornographic link on the Website and message board.
6) In case a Member posts commercial advertisement (including comparative advertising) or promotional materials which has not been approved by the Company in advance.
7) In case where it is unrelated to the relevant Product.
8) In case a Member posts contents which interfere with the business of the Company or the Store without valid reason.
9) In case any untrue or exaggerated Posting is posted for the purpose of promoting their own place of business
10) If it constitutes meaningless character and numbers
11) In case a complaint for infringement of right is filed by a third party, etc.
12) In case it is acknowledged to be in violation of the relevant laws.

3. The Member grants to the Company the right to exclusive use the Postings prepared by the Member. Accordingly, the Company permanently use the Posting prepared by the Member at free of charge for search exposure, promotion, marketing and other purposes, and may modify, copy and edit part of the Posting to the extent necessary.

4. The Member may, at any time, demand that the Posting prepared by him/herself be removed, excluded from search results or made private, and also may demand the Company to not use it for marketing, promotion, publicity and other purposes.

Article 12 (Vesting of Copyrights, Etc.)

1. The copyrights and other intellectual property rights on the works created by the Company shall be vested in the Company.

2. Of the information posted on the Website, the User may not duplicate, transmit, publish, transfer, distribute, broadcast or otherwise use commercially or allow others to use the information for which the copyright and other intellectual property rights are vested in the Company.

Article 13 (Personal Information Protection)

1. The Company complies with the provisions of the relevant laws including the Network Act and the Personal Information Protection Act in order to protect the personal information of the Members.

2. In order to protect the personal information of the Members, the Company has established a Privacy Policy and posted it on the initial screen of the Service; provided that, the specifics of the Privacy Policy may be viewed through a link.

3. The Company uses efforts to protect the personal information of the Members to maximum extent in accordance with the relevant laws and the Privacy Policy.

4. The Company’s Privacy Policy does not apply to linked sites other than the official Website. The Member shall bear the responsibility to check the privacy policy of the relevant site or third party in respect of linked site and handling of personal information by a third party which provides ordered product or service, and the Company shall not bear any liabilities in relation to the foregoing.

Article 14 (Notice)

1. Notices by the Company to the Members may be made by the e-mail address or mobile phone number submitted by the Member to the Company at registration.

2. In case of notice to unspecified number of the Members, individual notice may be substituted by posting on the Website for not less than 1 week.

Article 15 (Company’s Obligations)

1. The Company shall not engage in any activities which is prohibited by the relevant laws or these Terms of Use or which is contrary to public order and social norm, and shall use its best effort to provide uninterrupted, stable Services as required by these Terms of Use.

2. The Company shall have a security system in place to protect the personal information, including credit information, so that the Member may use the Service in a safe manner, and shall post and comply with the Privacy Policy.

3. The Company shall be equipped with necessary system and personnel to adequately handle complaints and request for remedy which arise in relation to the use of the Service, and in the event that the opinion or complaint raised by the Member in relation to the use of the Service is valid, the Company shall handle such opinion or complaint. The Company shall deliver the handling procedure and result of the opinion or complaint raised by a Member through email, etc.

4. Notwithstanding that the Member ordered transaction to the Company, in the event that the processing is impossible or delayed due to natural disaster, electric outage, fire, network failures and other force majeure causes not caused by the Company, the Company shall not be held liable to the Member.

Article 16 (Member’s Obligations)

1. The Member shall not engage in any of the activities set forth below in his/her use of the Service

1) Stating false information when placing or modifying an order
2) Interference with the normal operation of the Service and the Company’s business
3) Causing damages to the Store or third parties in breach of these Terms of Use
4) Using fraudulent methods when registering or modifying personal information, such as registering false information or using someone else’s information
5) Modifying information posted by the Company
6) Posting or transmitting information (such as computer program) other than those prescribed by the Company
7) Infringing a third party’s rights such as intellectual property rights
8) Damaging the honor of or interfering with business of a third party
9) Interference with the Service or illegally infringing the Website
10) Provision of information which distort facts
11) Disclosing or posting obscene or violent message, video, voice or other information contrary to the social norms on the Website.
12) Using the Service for commercial purposes without the Company’s consent
13) Modifying or commercially/non-commercially using the Postings posted on the Service, such as Store information, editor review, picture, review, etc., without the Company’s consent.
14) Other acts which violates these Terms of Use and the relevant laws.

2. The Member shall comply with the relevant laws, these Terms of Use, use guide, warnings notified in relation to the Service and other matters notified by the Company, and shall not engage in any acts which interfere with the Company’s business.

Article 17 (Limitation of Liability)

1. The Company is exempt from its responsibility to provide the Service in case where the Service cannot be provided due to natural disaster, DDOS, IDC failure, line failure of telecommunication operators, or equivalent force majeure events.

2. The Company shall not be liable for failures of using the Service arising from reasons attributed to the Member.
3. The Company shall not be liable for any damages incurred by the Member due to issues arising at the Store in connection with the order of the Product through the Service.
4. The Company shall not be liable for the credibility and accuracy of the information, material and facts arbitrarily posted by the Store and the Member in relation to the Service.
5. The Company shall be exempt from any liabilities in relation to transactions between the Members or between a Member and a third party which use the Service as a medium.
6. Unless otherwise prescribed by relevant laws, the Company shall not be liable for use of the Service which is provided free of charge.

Article 18 (Dispute Mediation)

1. In the event that the opinion or complaint raised by the Member in accordance with prescribed procedure is valid, the Company shall handle such opinion or complain through appropriate procedure; provided that, if processing would take a certain period of time, the Company shall immediately inform the Member of the reasons for delay and the schedule for handling.

2. In the event a Member wishes to dispute the result of the Company’s dispute handling, he/she may file for dispute mediation to the Consumer Dispute Resolution Committee of Korea Consumer Agency pursuant to the Framework Act on Consumers or the Electronic Transaction Dispute Mediation Committee established pursuant to the E-Document Act regarding use the electronic commerce service.

Article 19 (Damages)

The Company and the User shall each be borne with their own liabilities incurred due to breach of these Terms of Use, and in case where damages are incurred by the other party, it shall compensate for such damages.

Article 20 (Governing Law and Jurisdiction)

1. Matters related to these Terms of Use shall be governed by the laws of the Republic of Korea.

2. Any disputes between the Company and the Member shall be resolved through arbitration conducted in Korean held at the Korea Commercial Arbitration Board in Seoul, Korea in accordance with the International Rules of Arbitration. Arbitration award rendered by the arbitrator shall be final and shall be binding on both parties.

Article 21 (Miscellaneous)

Matters which are prescribed for in these Terms of Use shall be subject to the relevant laws and regulations, including the Electronic Commerce Act, and the Company’s Tour Terms and Conditions.

Article 22 (Company’s Contact Information)

2. Representative: Hae Yong Do
3. Address: 40, Cheonggyecheon-ro, Jung-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea (Korea Tourism Organiztion Seoul Center 8F, #822)
4. Phone No.: 82-2-6964-7955
5. Email Address:


Article 1 (Effective Date)

These Terms of Use shall be effective from Jan 1st, 2017


(Mon~Fri: 09:00-18:00 (Lunch 12:00-13:00))

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